Standard rental terms

Standard Rental Terms for Exhibition/Event Operators and Exhibitors

Standard Rental Terms for Exhibition/Event Operators and Exhibitors

Delivery to Paris (and Paris Metro area)

Rate for Paris (catalogue price)


  • Free shipping for delivery/pick-up at trade fair/event site [for orders of more than] 500 € 
  • Fixed price of 160 € per delivery/pick-up at trade fair/event site for orders under 500 € 

Delivery to all areas in France, except Paris/PMA, and in Europe

Rate for all areas of France and Europe (catalogue price ±15%)
Service/Shipping included in rental price within a radius of 300 km around Paris
Minimum order price* 5,000 €* (Advantage of grouping orders with those of other clients)

Delivery by JMT Services, with no costs other than those cited above for most cities and events in: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and France.
Service/Shipping = +5% in: Italy, the UK and Switzerland
Frequent trips to: Austria, Denmark and Poland (check with us for prospective shipping costs)

Special for Delivery and Pick-up: cost estimate provided for Service/Shipping. 

Conditions for delivery and pick-ups

Standard delivery is for the day before, or 2 days before the opening day of the event. Orders received 1 day before the delivery is to be made are subject to a 10% reduction of the operator's discount. Orders received on the date delivery is to be made, or on the eve of the event starting date, are subject to a 20% reduction of the operator's discount.
Additions to initial orders can be delivered on the morning of the opening of the event at no extra charge. Standard terms require a ground-floor loading dock with access for semi-trailers, or a freight elevator with pallet access. Cost estimates provided for shipping/handling costs for non-standard deliveries/pick-ups:

  • With no pallet access (stairs, unstable soil, no semi-trailer access).
  • Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Sundays and holidays.

Kitchen equipment

Any kitchen equipment, such as coffee machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks, drinking fountains and ovens, may only be ordered and delivered as additions to orders for furnishings. 

Installation of furnishings according to a plan (to be stated at the time of the order):

France: included upon request.
Europe: +5% of the total price of the order. 

Rental period: 1 - 10 days

Long-term rental: price increased by 50% for 11 - 30 days, then by 50% for each month started.

Insurance Premium calculated on the total price (net tax) of each order.
Total € brut H.T. Prime Total € brut H.T. Prime Total € brut H.T. Prime
151 à 250 20€ 1.201 à 2.500 120€ 7.001 à 8.500 490€
1 à 50 8€ 251 à 400 35€ 2.501 à 4.000 220€ 8.501 à 10.000 570€
51 à 75 10€ 401 à 800 45€ 4.001 à 5.500 310€ 10.001 à 12.000 650€
76 à 150 15€ 801 à 1.200 65€ 5.501 à 7.000 400€ 12.001 et + 6 %

Terms of payment: 40% on order confirmation, balance due 30 days after date of delivery. Total amount is due for any new account.